Comfort is key in our state-of-the-art facility

World class skincare in a newly constructed building

Whether you come in for tattoo removal, skin tightening treatments, acne removal or photo facials, you’ll feel at ease in our thoughtfully designed Denver flagship clinic. Our new facility, constructed in 2018, features separate rooms for consultation, relaxation & waiting, and laser procedures. The laser room is equipped with a Quanta EVO Q-Plus laser machine, one of the most advanced laser machines on the market today. And with full sound-proofing and white noise machines, privacy is our priority.

Our treatment rooms are designed to provide our patients with the utmost comfort. We have even incorporated white noise systems in all of our treatment rooms to ensure our patients’ comfort and privacy.

Our reception area is designed to provide our patients a comfortable environment while waiting for their treatments. Complimentary beverages are served to all our patients. Stacie looks forward to seeing you soon.