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At Revitalize Denver, we know how important it is to feel confident in your skin. That’s why we’re so excited to offer fine lines & wrinkles removal, a breakthrough treatment that improves the structure, feel and complexion of your skin without the need for expensive and invasive surgeries. The treatment works by stimulating collagen growth, while simultaneously reducing areas of discoloration. Skin appears younger, fuller, and smoother beginning with the first treatment.

Get ready to look ten years younger!

How long does the treatment take?

Your laser skin revitalization treatment typically takes 15-30 minutes depending on the location and size of the treated area.

Are fine lines & wrinkles removal treatments an option for both men and women?

Yes. Regardless of your gender, fine lines & wrinkles removal is an excellent way to take years off your skin without resorting to expensive and invasive surgeries.

Stimulates collagen growth

How skin tightening works

The treatment works by gently heating the upper dermis of the skin, stimulating collagen growth and causing skin to tighten. At the same time, the laser targets areas of discoloration, reducing or removing spots and blemishes. Large pores are reduced in size and minor imperfections eliminated. Think of it kind of like a magic wand for your skin.

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Treatments typically take 15-30 minutes depending on the area of treatment.

In general, no. However, you should avoid retinoid-containing products in the week leading up to your treatment. Before the treatment, our doctor will talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

No, although we do advise taking certain precautions following the treatment. Immediately after your treatment, skin may appear slightly red or flushed, which is entirely normal and should go away within a few hours to a few days. As the redness fades, improvements in your skin will become more and more apparent.  Because the skin will be extra sensitive in the 3-6 weeks, patients should take extra care when going out in the sun.

Yes. At the start of your first visit, our doctor will conduct a free 15-minute consultation to understand your goals for your skin, discuss your budget, and develop a customized treatment plan. Multiple types of laser services can be combined to provide you with a multi-faceted treatment strategy. Think of it kind of like a one-two punch.

During your first visit, our doctor will examine your skin, discuss your goals and concerns, and develop a customized treatment plan. We generally recommend starting with three treatments spaced approximately one week apart. After your first round of three treatments, you may schedule additional “up-keep” visits as needed.

Our typical fee is $250 per treatment area per visit. Examples of individual treatment areas include face, chest, and neck. Multiple areas can be combined into each of your visits.

Regardless of the size, location, and number of treatments you choose, we offer two separate payment options:

  • Pay-as-you-go: Pay for each treatment as you go. As with all of our treatments, we offer a 20% discount for each friend that you refer.
  • Pay for a package of three and receive a 20% discount: Pay upfront for a package of three treatments and receive a 20% discount. You may buy as many packages of three as you want at any time you want.

Yes, we offer financing for our fine line and wrinkle removal treatments over a six-month period through CareCredit. To apply for the CareCredit card, click here.

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It doesn't matter if you’re seeking a revitalizing skin treatment to add a radiant glow to your skin or looking to correct old scars, Revitalize Denver offers the perfect solution to make you look and feel your best.

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