Sound science for better sex

Cliovana™ is the only patented procedure for clitoral cell regeneration. The proprietary treatment protocol uses completely non-invasive soundwave techniques that have been proven effective in a wide range of health applications for decades. Drawing on this wealth of medical information, the Cliovana™ treatments have been designed specifically to enhance the sexual satisfaction of women.

Effects that last

Cliovana™ trials in women have consistently resulted in heightened feeling and the frequency and strength of their orgasms. The results are immediate but increase in intensity over a period of 3 months as the body generates new vascular tissue. Better yet, these effects last for a year or more – at which point a single maintenance session can continue to preserve results.

Is your sexual satisfaction

As good as it could be?

Truly satisfying sex is an important part of a woman’s overall physical and emotional wellbeing at any age, but many women experience less sexual responsiveness than they would like. That’s why we developed Cliovana™, a patented treatment to create long-term, heightened clitoral responsiveness, increased arousal and more powerful orgasms.

Your Clitoris is Key

Although a woman’s sexual response is a complex phenomenon, less than 20% of women can orgasm without adequate clitoral stimulation. The clitoris has 8 times more nerve endings than the head of a penis and is essential to overall sexual satisfaction. Every clitoris is different, making it easier for some women to climax than others. Age plays a part too; responsiveness can diminish over time, due to physiological changes.

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How our treatments work

The proprietary Cliovana™ procedure is a patented therapy proven to increase women’s long-term sexual responsiveness, as well as orgasm frequency and intensity. Using a Swiss-made device manufactured to exacting standards, our trained and certified practitioners apply gentle soundwave therapy to the clitoris and perineum.

The procedure stimulates the body to regenerate cells naturally, enhancing blood flow, nerve growth, and responsiveness in the most critical part of the female genitals for achieving satisfying sex.

It’s 100% non-invasive. No needles, no numbing cream, no surgery, no freezing, no probes, no burning, no lasers. And no down time. You can get back to doing whatever – yes, even that – as soon as your appointment is done.

Disclaimer: This product isn't supposed to cure or treat any diseases.

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  • The 3 components of the treatment all use devices manufactured to exacting standards in Switzerland
  • Practitioners are trained and certified; if they aren’t listed on the Cliovana™ site, they aren’t certified for the procedure, nor can they purchase the Cliovana™ device
  • The procedure is 100% non-invasive. We never use needles, numbing creams, surgery, freezing, probes, burning, light, or lasers — Just gentle soundwaves that stimulate natural cell regeneration of the clitoris and perineum.
  • Soundwave technology has been used around the world for decades, even on the most sensitive tissues
  • Decades of proven sound wave application in penile tissue, which has a similar physiology and arousal mechanisms; with 8x the nerve endings, the clitoris responds even more effectively to the combination of therapies that comprise the Cliovana™ protocol
  • Recent trial application of the protocol on women has proven consistently effective
  • The Cliovana™ is the only patented soundwave protocol for use on women
  • Four treatments altogether: 2 in the first week and 2 in the
    second week.
  • Each of the sessions takes about 10 minutes.
  • No; there are no numbing creams or freezing needed for this procedure
  • Soundwave intensity is adjusted to suit individual comfort levels
  • There are no needles or other invasive aspects. We do not use
  • No; you can do anything after – including ‘that’ ; )
  • The procedure may cause some temporary redness but there are no significant side effects as no tissue is damaged.
  • The main side effects are better intimate relationships, more fun in bed, and you may feel closer to your partner!
  • Yes, we offer financing for our Cliovana™ treatments over a six-month period through CareCredit. To apply for the CareCredit card, click here.

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