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Specialized focus on laser skincare

Revitalize Denver is a national leader in laser skincare treatments for both men and women. We are known not only for our specialized focus on laser skincare, which allows us to stay on the cutting-edge of laser techniques and equipment but also for our ongoing dedication to the quality of our results and the safety and comfort of our patients. Each of our clinics is overseen by a medical doctor with many years’ experience in the field of laser skincare. Our clinics use only the most advanced laser technology, and all treatments are provided in a newly-renovated, relaxing, and comfortable setting. No matter if you’re seeking a revitalizing skin treatment to add a radiant glow to your skin or looking to remove an old tattoo, Revitalize Denver offers the perfect solution to make you look and feel your best.

Revitalize Denver utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from Quanta Laser Aesthetics, a cutting-edge company based in Italy, with an unparalleled global reputation for excellence.

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What sets us apart

Highest qualitytreatments available

From start to finish, Revitalize Denver is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality laser treatments available. Our acne treatments, skin tightening, and IPL (photofacials) produce long-lasting improvements beginning with the first treatment. Our advanced tattoo removal treatments utilize cutting-edge technology to eliminate all ink colors, including blue and green ink. Unlike many clinics, which use the same laser machines for up to a decade, Revitalize Denver leverages our strong relationship with the global leader in medical lasers to ensure that our equipment is always the most advanced, most effective, and safest option available. Regardless of the treatment option you choose, our highly trained and dedicated staff will be with you from consultation to follow-up in order to ensure the highest caliber patient experience. Whether you’re seeking a facial treatment for preventative care or looking for a laser procedure as a corrective service, we guarantee that you’ll step out of our clinic feeling rejuvenated.

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Personal attention

Our expertise

Revitalize Denver guarantees a level of training and expertise that is almost unmatched in the industry. Unlike many laser treatment centers, each of our clinics is personally overseen by a medical doctor with extensive experience in laser skincare. In addition, all of our staff receive in-depth training in laser operations and safety, including specialized training from the actual manufacturers of each machine. Finally, our unique focus on laser skincare and our close relationships with global leaders in the laser research and development industry allow us to stay on the forefront of new technologies and techniques.

Our highly-trained staff is committed to providing a superb patient experience from start to finish. At the start of any treatment series, our doctor provides a free one-on-one consultation with each and every one of our patients in order to understand expectations, discuss options, and develop a personalized treatment plan. During and between visits, we are always happy to discuss progress, answer questions, and update treatment plans. Finally, while we want all of our patients to walk out of our clinic feeling fully satisfied and completely rejuvenated, we are always available for follow-up treatments, consultations, and care.

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A specialized team

Our in-clinicmanagement

Stacie is the front desk receptionist and office manager at Revitalize Denver. Born and raised in California, Stacie has always had a passion for the medical field. Stacie began her career in medicine as a Radiology Volunteer at Kaiser Permanente and Front Desk Manager at Body in Balance Physical Therapy. In May of 2018, Stacie completed her Associates of Applied Sciences in Radiology Technology. Stacie enjoys traveling and spending time with her playful basset hound, Copernicus.




Built to grow

Our managing partners

Greg oversees the development of our clinics throughout the country. Greg comes to us with over 20 years of executive leadership in a variety of business backgrounds. Before building his own clinics, he oversaw the development of a similar medical service concept throughout Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States. Greg has lived in Denver for almost 10 years and enjoys the Colorado lifestyle with his 3 children, Jackie, Matt and Alexa (and Molson, the family’s English Lab).

Danny oversees the day-to-day business management of our clinics, in addition to supporting new clinic growth and development. Prior to joining Revitalize Denver, Danny worked as a management consultant for Oliver Wyman in New York. Danny has an MS in Management Science & Engineering and a BA in Economics, both from Stanford University. She is also in the process of pursuing her MBA. In her free time, Danny loves anything that gets her outdoors, including hiking, skiing, tennis, and scuba diving.

We use Quanta Aesthetic Lasers

Our state-of-the-artequipment

Revitalize Denver utilizes state-of-the-art equipment from Quanta Aesthetic Lasers, a cutting-edge company based in Italy, with an unparalleled global reputation for excellence. Over the past decade, Quanta’s technology has transformed the laser aesthetic market enabling us to provide a wide spectrum of highly effective and non-invasive laser skin treatments.

For tattoo removal, Revitalize Denver uses The Quanta Evo Q-Plus C, a machine that has led the way in tattoo removal technology by integrating 3 true laser wavelengths into one device. The combination of these three wavelengths enables us to tackle a diverse spectrum of ink colors, including blue and green ink. The machine works by emitting ultra-short pulses of light energy. This energy is selectively absorbed by pigmented ink particles, causing them to shatter without harming the surrounding tissue. Following treatment, these tiny fragments are absorbed by the body’s blood system and flushed away.

For acne, fine-lines and wrinkles, and photo-facial, Revitalize Denver operates the EVO Twain IPL series lasers which feature multiple emission modes to allow for a wide spectrum of treatment possibilities. These machines produce pulsated laser light that penetrates the skin, stimulating collagen growth, removing discoloration, and killing the bacteria responsible for acne and inflammation. The result is healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin.

For the majority of our treatments, Revitalize Denver also utilizes the Quanta Zimmer Cryo6 cooling machine. This integrated system cools the skin just before contact with the laser, maximizing comfort while minimizing potential side effects. The Zimmer Cryo6 machine has won the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Stand-Alone Epidermal Cooling Device from Aesthetic Trends and Technologies, and continues to be a favorite of high-end clinics throughout the world.

Finally, unlike many clinics, which use the same equipment for up to a decade, Revitalize Denver leverages our strong relationship with Quanta Lasers to ensure that our machines are always on the cutting-edge of laser technology. From start to finish, we guarantee your treatment will be conducted using the most advanced, most effective, and safest equipment available on the market today.

Our Denver Clinic

We have a newly constructed facility

Our Denver flagship clinic is conveniently located at the intersection of I-25 and Colorado Boulevard. The facility was newly constructed in 2018 and is equipped with a Quanta EVO Q-Plus laser machine, one of the most advanced laser machines on the market today. All treatments are overseen by Dr. Briana Oster MD, who has more than a decade of medical experience. Treatment options at this clinic include tattoo-removal, skin tightening treatments, photo-facials, and acne-removal.